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languor 1. a lack of vigor or vitality; weakness. 2. a lack of interest or spirit; feeling of listlessness; indifference. 3. the condition of being still, sluggish, or dull.

lassitude state or feeling of being tired and listless; weariness; languor.

league distance of about 3 miles or 4.8 kilometers.

Leghorn a seaport in Tuscany, western Italy on the Ligurian Sea.

Lyons city in east central France, at the juncture of the Rhine and Sacne rivers.

maladie du pays homesickness.

merchantman ship that carries commercial goods and passengers, not a warship.

mien a way of carrying and conducting oneself; manner.

Mont Blanc mountain in E. France, on the Italian border: highest peak in the Alps.

Mont Cenis Alpine pass, in the state of Savoie, in SE France; see also Monte Cenisio, from the Italian.

Montanvert fictitious mountain, possibly near Mont Blanc, translated means"Green Mountain."

offals refuse; garbage.

omnipotence the state or quality of having unlimited power or authority; an omnipotent force; God.

palpable clear to the mind; obvious; evident; plain.

Pandemonium the capital of Hell in Milton's Paradise Lost.

paroxysm a sudden outburst as of laughter, rage, or sneezing; fit; spasm.

pedantry ostentatious display of knowledge, or an instance of this; an arbitrary adherence to rules and forms.

perambulations walks, strolls, etc.

pertinacity the quality or condition of being pertinacious; stubborn persistence; obstinacy.

physiognomy facial features and expression, esp. as supposedly indicative of character; the face; apparent characteristics; outward features or appearance.

pinnacle a pointed formation, as at the top of a mountain; peak.

pole the North Pole.

preceptors teachers.

precipices a vertical, almost vertical, or overhanging rock faces; steep cliffs.

precipitous steep like a precipice; sheer; having precipices.

predilection a preconceived liking; partiality or preference (for).

suppliant a person who supplicates; petitioner.

syndic any of various government officials in some European countries, esp. a civil magistrate or the like.

tapers wax candles, especially long, slender ones.

under-mate second mate, or second officer in command of a ship.

vacillating wavering or tending to waver in motion, opinion, etc.

vehement having or characterized by intense feeling or strong passion; fervent, impassioned, etc.

vestige a trace, mark, or sign of something that once existed but has passed away or disappeared.

viands food of various kinds, especially choice dishes.

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