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abode a place where one lives or stays; home; residence.

aiguilles a peak of rock shaped like a needle.

antipathy strong or deep-rooted dislike; aversion.

arduous difficult to do; laborious; onerous; using much energy; strenuous.

Arveiron Val d'Aosta region of NW Italy on the Dora Baltea River.

campagne open country.

capacious able to contain or hold much; roomy; spacious.

chamois a small goat antelope of the mountains of Europe and the Caucasus, having straight horns with the tips bent backward.

Chamounix valley in E. France, north of Mont Blanc: a resort area of the French Alps.

charnel-house a building or place where corpses or bones are deposited.

chimera an impossible or foolish fancy.

condemnation a condemning or being condemned; conviction.

Constantinople seaport in NW Turkey, now called Instanbul.

countenance the look on a person's face that shows one's nature or feelings; the face; facial features; visage; a look of approval on the face, approval; support; sanction; calm control; composure.

dogmatism dogmatic assertion of opinion, usually without reference to evidence.

ennui boredom, weariness, dissatisfaction with life (weariness and dissatisfaction resulting from inactivity or lack of interest; boredom).

epithets adjectives, nouns, or phrases which are disparaging remark, used to characterize some person or thing.

epoch a period of time considered in terms of noteworthy and characteristic events, developments, persons, etc.

exordium the beginning part of a speech (the opening part of an oration, treatise, etc.).

filial of, suitable to, or due from a son or daughter.

florins a British coin originally equal to two shillings: coinage discontinued in 1971.

fortnight two weeks, or a two-week period of time.

fosterage promoting, stimulating, or encouraging.

galvanism electricity produced by a chemical reaction.

gesticulations gestures, especially those made with the hands and arms, as in adding nuances or force to one's speech, or as a substitute for speech.

hovel a small shed for sheltering animals or storing supplies.

ignominy loss of one's reputation; shame and dishonor; infamy.

Jura state of Switzerland; or a mountain range along the border of Switzerland and France.

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