Summary and Analysis: "Spotted Horses" Glossary

buckboard An open buggy.

skun skinned Here, meaning "bested" because of clever trading.

curried A currycomb is a comb with metal teeth used to groom horses; a horse that has been combed is considered "curried."

shell corn feed Corn that has been removed from the cob.

cattymounts Wild felines: mountain lions; short for "catamountains." Here, the spotted horses are called "cattymounts" because of their wild behavior.

adder A type of snake, usually with a zigzag black band running along its back; the Texan's neck swelling like a "spreading adder" refers to the puff adder, a large and dangerous snake that "puffs" its body below the head when threatened.

holp Helped.

frailed Whipped.

water moccasin A venomous snake found in southern states, often around creeks and swamps.

melodeon A small, musical organ.

pinwheel A toy consisting of colored paper or plastic pinned to a stick so that it revolves when blown.

toted Carried.

grip A small piece of luggage about the size of a gym bag.

snag A broken tree limb.

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