Character List

Bathsheba Everdene Spirited young mistress of a large farm.

Gabriel Oak Patient, reliable shepherd; suitor of Bathsheba.

Mr. Boldwood Gentleman farmer enamored of Bathsheba.

Francis Troy Lover and, later, husband of Bathsheba.

Fanny Robin Runaway maid.

Mrs. Hurst Bathsheba's aunt.

Liddy Smallbury Bathsheba's maid.

Maryann Money Bathsheba's charwoman.

Mrs. Coggan Employed by Bathsheba.

Cainy Ball Young under-shepherd to Gabriel.

Benjy Pennyways Bathsheba's ex-bailiff.

Bill Smallbury, Henery Fray, Jacob Smallbury, And Labal Tall Some of Bathsheba's farmhands.

Pop Quiz!

After Troy and Bathsheba marry, what becomes of Fanny?


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