Study Help Practice Projects


1. Design your own Web site about Fahrenheit 451 and describe what content would be featured on the pages of your Web site.

2. Design a poster illustrating a scene from the novel or capturing a theme in the novel.

3. Become the director of the film version of Fahrenheit 451. Who would you cast? What would you change about the movie, and what would you definitely keep? Design your movie trailer: What scenes would you include? Choose music that you would use for important scenes.

4. Interview a character from Fahrenheit 451. Write at least ten questions that will give the character the opportunity to discuss his thoughts and feelings about his role in the novel. Choose an interview style that you would want to present this interview.

5. Write a journal that one of the Fahrenheit 451 main characters may have kept before, during, and after the book's events.

6. Write a newspaper story about what happened at the end or during a part of Fahrenheit 451. Include photos of the action.

7. Find a song or poem or several songs and poems that relate to themes presented in Fahrenheit 451. Write out the lyrics/words and then explain how they relate to Fahrenheit 451.

8. Write a paper on the literature of dystopian fiction and explain how Fahrenheit 451 partakes of this tradition.