Study Help Practice Projects


1. Choose a recent event in your life or in your community and write a one-page description of it, in the style of Henry Adams.

2. You are an investigative reporter for the New York Times from 1860 to 1905. Which of the stories that Adams discusses would you prefer to cover? Whom would you interview? What questions would you ask? What other approaches would you use?

3. Most of the Education is in narrative form. As a class project, divide into groups, each group choosing an event to dramatize. Assign individuals to play actual people and create a scene or two, with dialogue, that may have occurred.

4. What do you think has been the most "educational" event in your own life? Describe it in your own words, telling the reader what you mean by "educational" and why you choose this event.

5. The Internet has relatively little to say about Henry Adams or this book. Working together, have the class design its own Web site for the Education and decide what will be featured on the various pages.