Study Help Practice Projects


1. Imagine that you were a newspaper reporter for the local Starkfield newspaper at the time of the smash-up. Write a newspaper article describing the accident.

2. It has been said that Ethan Frome is based on an actual sledding accident that occurred in Lenox, Massachusetts in 1904. Locate the original actual article and compare the actual accident to that of Ethan and Mattie.

3. Create a Web site to introduce Ethan Frome to other readers. Design pages to intrigue and inform your audience, include links to resources about Edith Wharton and other works by the author, invite other readers to post their thoughts and responses to their reading of the novella.

4. Rewrite the body of the novel as though The Narrator is curious about Zeena rather than Ethan.

5. Choose a character in Ethan Frome. Create a collage using magazine pictures to depict the personality of that character.

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