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adjured entreated solemnly; appealed to earnestly

afore before

Aldebaran a galactic cluster

antipathy strong or deep-rooted dislike; aversion

audacity bold courage; daring

aver to declare to be true; state positively; affirm

avowal open acknowledgment or declaration

bandbox a light, round box to hold hats, collars, etc.

beleaguered beset, as with difficulties; harassed

boles tree trunks

cessation a ceasing, or stopping, either forever or for some time

chafed annoyed; irritated

chronicle a narrative; history

colonnade a series of columns set at regular intervals, usually supporting a roof or series of arches

compunction a sharp feeling of uneasiness brought on by a sense of guilt; remorse

conjoined joined together; united; combined

consecrated caused to be revered or honored

convivial fond of eating, drinking, and good company; sociable; jovial

crape streamer a piece of black crepe as a sign of mourning, often worn as a band around the arm

declivity a downward slope or sloping, as of a hill

deigned condescended to do something thought to be slightly beneath one's dignity

Dipper the Big Dipper; a dipper-shaped group of stars in the constellation Ursa Major

discursively in a manner characterized by wandering from one topic to another or skimming over many apparently unconnected subjects; in a rambling, desultory, or digressive manner

draughts deep breaths

effrontery unashamed boldness; impudence; audacity; presumption

evocation an evoking, or calling forth

exanimate without animation; spiritless; inert

extry extra

facetious joking or trying to be jocular, especially at an inappropriate time

fatuity stupidity, especially complacent stupidity; smug foolishness

felicitous used or expressed in a way suitable to the occasion; aptly chosen; appropriate; apt

flagged made of flagstone, as a walkway or path

flux to flow or stream out

foist to get (a thing) accepted, sold, etc. by fraud, deception, etc.; palm off

fust first

got a kick was kicked in the head

grit stubborn courage; brave perseverance; pluck

grudged felt a strong, continued sense of hostility or ill will against someone over a real or fancied grievance

ha' have

imperceptible not plain or distinct to the senses or the mind; especially, so slight, gradual, subtle, etc.; as not to be easily perceived

incarnation any person or thing serving as the type or embodiment of a quality or concept (the incarnation of courage)

indolent disliking or avoiding work; idle; lazy

inexorable that cannot be moved or influenced by persuasion or entreaty; unrelenting

ingratiatingly so as to make acceptable; especially, so as to bring (oneself) into another's favor or good graces by conscious effort

injunction an enjoining; bidding; command

innocuous that which does not injure or harm

inter into

kindled caused to light up; made bright

lineaments features of the body, usually of the face, especially with regard to its outline

lumbago rheumatic pain in the lumbar region; backache, especially in the lower part of the back

marrow the innermost, essential, or choicest part; pith

merino fine wool, originally from Spain

mien a way of carrying and conducting oneself; manner

milden to make or become mild

mottlings blotches, streaks, and spots of different colors or shades

oracle a person of great knowledge or wisdom

Orion an equatorial constellation between Taurus and Lepus, containing the bright stars Rigel and Betelgeuse

peristyle a row of columns forming an enclosure or supporting a roof

Pleiades a galactic cluster in the constellation Taurus

portico a porch or covered walk, consisting of a roof supported by columns, often at the entrance or across the front of a building; colonnade

precedent that precedes; preceding

protuberances parts or things that protrude; projections; bulges; swellings

provocation something that provokes; especially, a cause of resentment or irritation; incitement

pulled me up sharp caused a person to take notice

querulously in a manner inclined to find fault; complainingly

rejoined joined together again; reunited

rent a hole or gap made by rending or tearing, as a torn place in cloth, a fissure in the earth, etc.

repining a feeling or expression of unhappiness or discontent; complaint; fretting

repugnant contradictory; inconsistent; offering resistance; opposed; antagonistic

reticent habitually silent or uncommunicative; disinclined to speak readily; reserved; taciturn

revelry reveling; noisy merrymaking; boisterous festivity

rills little brooks; rivulets

roan of a solid color, as reddish-brown, brown, black, etc., with a thick sprinkling of white hairs; said chiefly of horses

scintillating sparkling intellectually; brilliant and witty

self-effacement the practice of keeping oneself in the background and minimizing one's own actions; modest, retiring behavior

sentient of, having, or capable of feeling or perception; conscious

shan't meddle won't interfere

Sirius a binary star in the constellation Canis Major, the brightest star in the sky

slatternly having the habits of a slattern; dirty; slovenly; untidy

sledge a sled or sleigh for carrying loads over ice, snow, etc.

smote defeated, punished, destroyed, or killed

snowed under forgotten

spectral of, having the nature of, or like a specter; phantom; ghostly

spruce dress in a neat and trim in a smart, dapper way

taciturnity the fact or condition of being almost always silent or uncommunicative, or not inclined to talk

taciturnity the fact or condition of being almost always silent, uncommunicative, or not inclined to talk

to'rd toward

touch a hundred turn one hundred years old

uncouth uncultured; crude; boorish

undulations wavy, curving forms or outlines, especially in a series

unseal his lips encourage to talk

vexed to give trouble to, esp. in a petty or nagging way; disturb, annoy, irritate, etc.

wainscot a wood lining or paneling on the walls of a room; sometimes, specifically, such paneling on the lower part of the walls only

wust worst

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