Study Help Practice Projects


1. Some of the sins that Dante considered terrible, such as usury (banking), have become more accepted in modern culture. Draw a map of your own version of Hell, using "modern" sins. What do we consider "terrible" now that Dante may not have? What sins remain the same? Do some of the sins change circles? Next, place modern leaders, movie stars, and historical figures in your version of Hell and explain why you put them there.

2. Create a Web site that introduces readers to the Inferno. Focus, if you like, on one particular canto and explain, in detail, the significance included there.

3. Imagine that you are a traveler through Hell. In what circle, either Dante's or one you invent, would you be most inclined to spend eternity? Write a passage in terza rima describing the circle and your experience there. Do not forget to meet the souls that reside there.

4. In Canto IV, Dante meets and speaks with other great poets of antiquity and says that he "spoke of things as well omitted here/as it was sweet to touch on there." Write a passage of that imagined conversation. What would these poets say to one another? What do you think Dante asked them? What were their answers?