Study Help Essay Topics


1. Try to keep a diary for a week. Can you make it interesting and varied?

2. Imagine that you are in hiding with your family. Write descriptions of everyone's character, your feelings, conversations you have, and things you do.

3. What kind of a girl do you think Anne Frank was? Describe her character.

4. What do you think makes Anne's diary interesting?

5. What would you do if laws were passed against you because of, say, the color of your hair, eyes or skin, your grades in school, or your height? How would you feel and react?

6. Which character of the group in hiding do you like best? Why?

7. Pretend that Anne survived the concentration camps. Write an account of what she did when she grew up.

8. What can ordinary people do to make sure that other ordinary people within their society are not persecuted?

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