Character List


Natty Bumppo Deerslayer (later called Hawkeye) who, on his "first warpath" with Chingachgook, kills an Indian during the defense of the ark and the castle at Glimmerglass.

Chingachgook The Mohican (Delaware) chief, Deerslayer's friend, who comes to rescue Hist, captured by the Mingos. He is in love with the Delaware maiden.

Hurry Harry Henry March, in love with Judith, accompanies Deerslayer on the trip to Glimmerglass but is soon opposed to Deerslayer because of Judith's attraction to Deerslayer.

Tom Hutter Floating Tom, or Thomas Hovey, controls Glimmerglass because of his construction of the ark and the castle where he lives with his two daughters, Judith and Hetty, who are, in fact, later proved not to be his daughters.

Judith Hutter Hetty's sister who falls in love with Deerslayer and rejects Hurry Harry's offer of marriage, but who fails to win Deerslayer in marriage.

Hetty Hutter Judith's sister, simple-minded and credulous, who trusts in the Bible and Christian teachings to convert the Indians and who dies after being accidentally wounded in the battle between the Mingos and the soldiers.

Hist The Indian girl (also called Wah-ta!-Wah or Hist-oh!-Hist) who is the beloved of Chingachgook and is rescued by him and Deerslayer.

Rivenoak Chief of the Mingos who negotiates with Deerslayer for the ransom of Hurry Harry and Tom Hutter and later tries to persuade Deerslayer to join the tribe.

Le Loup Cervier A Mingo whom Deerslayer kills in self-defense as the test of his "first warpath" and from whom the hero receives the name of Hawkeye.

Le Sumac Le Loup Cervier's widow who wants Deerslayer to marry her because he has killed her husband.

Briarthorn (Yocommon) A Delaware Indian, in love with Hist, who has betrayed his tribe, joined the Mingos, and abducted Hist.

Catamount A Mingo brave who challenges Briarthorn for Hist.

The Panther Le Sumac's brother and a chief of the Mingos.

Captain Warley The officer in charge of the troops who rescue Deerslayer and the others; he has been in love previously with Judith, and she presumably leaves with him for England.

Uncas Chingachgook and Hist's son who, 15 years after the events in The Deerslayer, accompanies his father and Deerslayer to Glimmerglass. Uncas is the hero of Cooper's Last of the Mohicans.