Character Analysis Captain Warley


This officer appears like a deus ex machina, suddenly and swiftly rescuing all the main characters from catastrophe. Captain Warley has nevertheless played a certain shadowy role throughout the book. He is the nemesis of Judith Hotter because Deerslayer has been prejudiced against her early in the story as a result of her involvement with Captain Warley. During Judith's several pleas, including her last appeal to Deerslayer, this British officer — often mentioned obliquely — has prevented a happy ending to the girl's dreams. It is ironic that Captain Warley commands the group of soldiers that arrives to save Judith. Captain Warley also represents the force of civilization, gradually taking over the country and eliminating the Indians from the scene. He is a typical representative (somewhat like Hurry Harry) of a type who has no regard for the beauty of the landscape and for the traditions of the natives.