Study Help Essay Questions


1. Compare and contrast the characters of Tod Hackett and Homer Simpson, especially as they become enmeshed in the pursuit of Faye.

2. How do Harry and Faye Greener resemble and differ from each other?

3. Does the film Le Predicament de Marie have parallels in the main plot?

4. Discuss Faye Greener's sexual behavior (including the problem of her virginity) as it relates to her character and ambitions.

5. Compare the rivalry between Earle Shoop and Miguel to that between Tod and Homer.

6. Discuss the symbolic use of the cockfight as it relates to the novel.

7. Compare and contrast Homer Simpson's sexual behavior and that of the people in the mob scene.

8. Do the Hollywood religious and health cults reveal the same kinds of needs acted out by the main characters?

9. Trace out the pattern and motivation for Faye's teasing of the men.

10. How do West's physical descriptions of his characters contribute to characterization?

11. Trace the development of Tod's plans for his painting of the burning of Los Angeles and relate it to his other thoughts about art and painting.

12. Does the contemporary world of entertainment and moviemaking still promote the kinds of values exposed in this novel?

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