Character List


Lily Kate and Julia Morkan's housemaid.

Kate and Julia Morkan Grand dames in the world of Dublin music, who throw an annual party at Christmastime.

Pat Morkan Brother of Kate and Julia (dead).

Mary Jane Morkan Church organist and daughter of Pat, thus niece of Kate and Julia.

Mr. Fulham Kate and Julia Morkan's landlord.

Gabriel Conroy A professor and part-time book reviewer; Kate and Julia Morkan's nephew.

Gretta Conroy Gabriel's wife.

Freddy Malins A drunken guest at the Morkans' party.

Ellen Morkin Conroy Mother of Gabriel (dead).

T.J. Conroy Member of the Dublin Port and Docks Board; father of Gabriel (dead).

Mrs. Malins, Miss Daly, Miss Power, Mr. Browne, Miss Furlong, Mr. Bergin, Mr. Kerrigan, and Miss O'Callaghan Guests at the Morkans' party.

Bartell D'Arcy A renowned tenor vocalist and a guest at the Morkans' party.

Constantine Conroy A priest; brother of Gabriel.

Molly Ivors A guest at the Morkans' party and a colleague of Gabriel's; she is involved in the movement to restore Irish language and culture to the island.

Patrick Morkan Owner of a glue or starch mill, and father of Kate and Julia (dead).

Tom and Eva Conroy Children of Gabriel and Gretta.

Michael Furey Gretta's first lover, who died for the love of her.