Study Help Essay Questions

1. Discuss the supernatural powers of the vampire and the limitations imposed upon the vampire.

2. Trace the gothic elements found in Dracula.

3. While at first Renfield seems extraneous to the plot, how does he ultimately serve a definite function?

4. Discuss the peculiar inversion of Christian values found in the novel.

5. Discuss the techniques which Stoker uses to give a sense of verisimilitude to the novel.

6. Discuss the importance of having the vampire be a member of the aristocracy and prey upon refined young ladies rather than upon "ladies of the street."

7. Discuss the various sexual implications found in vampirism — say, for example, seduction through the neck.

8. Discuss the implication that Dracula is merely an evil presence rather than a real character.

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How do Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, Quincey P. Morris, Dr. John Seward, and Arthur Holmwood all try to save Miss Lucy Westenra?


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