Don Juan By Lord Byron Canto X

But time, the comforter, will come at last;
  And four-and-twenty hours, and twice that number
Of candidates requesting to be placed,
  Made Catherine taste next night a quiet slumber: —
Not that she meant to fix again in haste,
  Nor did she find the quantity encumber,
But always choosing with deliberation,
Kept the place open for their emulation.

While this high post of honour 's in abeyance,
  For one or two days, reader, we request
You 'll mount with our young hero the conveyance
  Which wafted him from Petersburgh: the best
Barouche, which had the glory to display once
  The fair czarina's autocratic crest,
When, a new lphigene, she went to Tauris,
Was given to her favourite, and now bore his.

A bull-dog, and a bullfinch, and an ermine,
  All private favourites of Don Juan; — for
(Let deeper sages the true cause determine)
  He had a kind of inclination, or
Weakness, for what most people deem mere vermin,
  Live animals: an old maid of threescore
For cats and birds more penchant ne'er display'd,
Although he was not old, nor even a maid; —

The animals aforesaid occupied
  Their station: there were valets, secretaries,
In other vehicles; but at his side
  Sat little Leila, who survived the parries
He made 'gainst Cossacque sabres, in the wide
  Slaughter of Ismail. Though my wild Muse varies
Her note, she don't forget the infant girl
Whom he preserved, a pure and living pearl

Poor little thing! She was as fair as docile,
  And with that gentle, serious character,
As rare in living beings as a fossile
  Man, 'midst thy mouldy mammoths, 'grand Cuvier!'
Ill fitted was her ignorance to jostle
  With this o'erwhelming world, where all must err:
But she was yet but ten years old, and therefore
Was tranquil, though she knew not why or wherefore.

Don Juan loved her, and she loved him, as
  Nor brother, father, sister, daughter love.
I cannot tell exactly what it was;
  He was not yet quite old enough to prove
Parental feelings, and the other class,
  Call'd brotherly affection, could not move
His bosom, — for he never had a sister:
Ah! if he had, how much he would have miss'd her!

And still less was it sensual; for besides
  That he was not an ancient debauchee
(Who like sour fruit, to stir their veins' salt tides,
  As acids rouse a dormant alkali),
Although ('t will happen as our planet guides)
  His youth was not the chastest that might be,
There was the purest Platonism at bottom
Of all his feelings — only he forgot 'em.

Just now there was no peril of temptation;
  He loved the infant orphan he had saved,
As patriots (now and then) may love a nation;
  His pride, too, felt that she was not enslaved
Owing to him; — as also her salvation
  Through his means and the church's might be paved.
But one thing 's odd, which here must be inserted,
The little Turk refused to be converted.

'T was strange enough she should retain the impression
  Through such a scene of change, and dread, and slaughter;
But though three bishops told her the transgression,
  She show'd a great dislike to holy water:
She also had no passion for confession;
  Perhaps she had nothing to confess: — no matter,
Whate'er the cause, the church made little of it —
She still held out that Mahomet was a prophet.

In fact, the only Christian she could bear
  Was Juan; whom she seem'd to have selected
In place of what her home and friends once were.
  He naturally loved what he protected:
And thus they form'd a rather curious pair,
  A guardian green in years, a ward connected
In neither clime, time, blood, with her defender;
And yet this want of ties made theirs more tender.

They journey'd on through Poland and through Warsaw,
  Famous for mines of salt and yokes of iron:
Through Courland also, which that famous farce saw
  Which gave her dukes the graceless name of 'Biron.'
'T is the same landscape which the modern Mars saw,
  Who march'd to Moscow, led by Fame, the siren!
To lose by one month's frost some twenty years
Of conquest, and his guard of grenadiers.

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