Don Juan By Lord Byron Canto VII

This was Potemkin — a great thing in days
  When homicide and harlotry made great;
If stars and titles could entail long praise,
  His glory might half equal his estate.
This fellow, being six foot high, could raise
  A kind of phantasy proportionate
In the then sovereign of the Russian people,
Who measured men as you would do a steeple.

While things were in abeyance, Ribas sent
  A courier to the prince, and he succeeded
In ordering matters after his own bent;
  I cannot tell the way in which he pleaded,
But shortly he had cause to be content.
  In the mean time, the batteries proceeded,
And fourscore cannon on the Danube's border
Were briskly fired and answer'd in due order.

But on the thirteenth, when already part
  Of the troops were embark'd, the siege to raise,
A courier on the spur inspired new heart
  Into all panters for newspaper praise,
As well as dilettanti in war's art,
  By his despatches couch'd in pithy phrase;
Announcing the appointment of that lover of
Battles to the command, Field-Marshal Souvaroff.

The letter of the prince to the same marshal
  Was worthy of a Spartan, had the cause
Been one to which a good heart could be partial —
  Defence of freedom, country, or of laws;
But as it was mere lust of power to o'er-arch all
  With its proud brow, it merits slight applause,
Save for its style, which said, all in a trice,
'You will take Ismail at whatever price.'

'Let there be light! said God, and there was light!'
  'Let there be blood!' says man, and there 's a seal
The fiat of this spoil'd child of the Night
  (For Day ne'er saw his merits) could decree
More evil in an hour, than thirty bright
  Summers could renovate, though they should be
Lovely as those which ripen'd Eden's fruit;
For war cuts up not only branch, but root.

Our friends the Turks, who with loud 'Allahs' now
  Began to signalise the Russ retreat,
Were damnably mistaken; few are slow
  In thinking that their enemy is beat
(Or beaten, if you insist on grammar, though
  I never think about it in a heat),
But here I say the Turks were much mistaken,
Who hating hogs, yet wish'd to save their bacon.

For, on the sixteenth, at full gallop, drew
  In sight two horsemen, who were deem'd Cossacques
For some time, till they came in nearer view.
  They had but little baggage at their backs,
For there were but three shirts between the two;
  But on they rode upon two Ukraine hacks,
Till, in approaching, were at length descried
In this plain pair, Suwarrow and his guide.

'Great joy to London now!' says some great fool,
  When London had a grand illumination,
Which to that bottle-conjurer, John Bull,
  Is of all dreams the first hallucination;
So that the streets of colour'd lamps are full,
  That Sage (said john) surrenders at discretion
His purse, his soul, his sense, and even his nonsense,
To gratify, like a huge moth, this one sense.

'T is strange that he should farther 'damn his eyes,'
  For they are damn'd; that once all-famous oath
Is to the devil now no farther prize,
  Since John has lately lost the use of both.
Debt he calls wealth, and taxes Paradise;
  And Famine, with her gaunt and bony growth,
Which stare him in the face, he won't examine,
Or swears that Ceres hath begotten Famine.

But to the tale: — great joy unto the camp!
  To Russian, Tartar, English, French, Cossacque,
O'er whom Suwarrow shone like a gas lamp,
  Presaging a most luminous attack;
Or like a wisp along the marsh so damp,
  Which leads beholders on a boggy walk,
He flitted to and fro a dancing light,
Which all who saw it follow'd, wrong or right.

But certes matters took a different face;
  There was enthusiasm and much applause,
The fleet and camp saluted with great grace,
  And all presaged good fortune to their cause.
Within a cannon-shot length of the place
  They drew, constructed ladders, repair'd flaws
In former works, made new, prepared fascines,
And all kinds of benevolent machines.

'T is thus the spirit of a single mind
  Makes that of multitudes take one direction,
As roll the waters to the breathing wind,
  Or roams the herd beneath the bull's protection;
Or as a little dog will lead the blind,
  Or a bell-wether form the flock's connection
By tinkling sounds, when they go forth to victual;
Such is the sway of your great men o'er little.

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