Character Analysis Lady Adeline Amundeville


On the surface Lady Adeline seems to be a somewhat frigid young woman, but at heart she is deeply passionate. This frustration of her strong feelings is a source of potential danger for her marriage. She loves her husband but her love for him costs her an effort. She is thoroughly at home in her high social circle. She is, nevertheless, "no deep judge of character." Her beauty and her charming manners win the admiration of all. Her reputation is secure. She is the ideal politician's wife. She knows all the arts of pleasing those whose votes her husband needs. She moves among his constituents with an ease that astonishes a foreigner like Juan. Her courtesy and tact when she is among them is, however, only a mask. As soon as she is out of their company she joins with her friends in making fun of them.

She is drawn to Juan because she finds in him a warmth that is lacking in her husband. Like many women she is a matchmaker, at least in Juan's case. She wants him to marry one of a number of good "catches" whom she lists. Such a marriage would be a loveless one, and that fact quite possibly would assure room for herself in Juan's heart.