Doctor Faustus By Christopher Marlowe Scene 6

Then the devil choke thee!

Choke thyself, glutton! — What art thou, the sixth?

I am Sloth. I was begotten on a sunny bank, where I have
lain ever since; and you have done me great injury to bring me
from thence: let me be carried thither again by Gluttony and
Lechery. I'll not speak another word for a king's ransom.

What are you, Mistress Minx, the seventh and last?

Who I, sir? I am one that loves an inch of raw mutton
better than an ell of fried stock-fish; and the first letter
of my name begins with L.

Away, to hell, to hell!
     [Exeunt the SINS.]

Now, Faustus, how dost thou like this?

O, this feeds my soul!

Tut, Faustus, in hell is all manner of delight.

O, might I see hell, and return again,
How happy were I then!

Thou shalt; I will send for thee at midnight.
In meantime take this book; peruse it throughly,
And thou shalt turn thyself into what shape thou wilt.

Great thanks, mighty Lucifer!
This will I keep as chary as my life.

Farewell, Faustus, and think on the devil.

Farewell, great Lucifer.
     [Exeunt LUCIFER and BELZEBUB.]

Come, Mephistophilis.

     Enter CHORUS.

Learned Faustus,
To know the secrets of astronomy
Graven in the book of Jove's high firmament,
Did mount himself to scale Olympus' top,
Being seated in a chariot burning bright,
Drawn by the strength of yoky dragons' necks.
He now is gone to prove cosmography,
And, as I guess, will first arrive at Rome,
To see the Pope and manner of his court,
And take some part of holy Peter's feast,
That to this day is highly solemniz'd.

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