Doctor Faustus By Christopher Marlowe Scene 5

A plague on her for a hot whore!

Tut, Faustus,
Marriage is but a ceremonial toy;
If thou lovest me, think no more of it.
I'll cull thee out the fairest courtezans,
And bring them every morning to thy bed:
She whom thine eye shall like, thy heart shall have,
Be she as chaste as was Penelope,
As wise as Saba, or as beautiful
As was bright Lucifer before his fall.
Hold, take this book, peruse it thoroughly:
     [Gives book.]

The iterating of these lines brings gold;
The framing of this circle on the ground
Brings whirlwinds, tempests, thunder, and lightning;
Pronounce this thrice devoutly to thyself,
And men in armour shall appear to thee,
Ready to execute what thou desir'st.

Thanks, Mephistophilis: yet fain would I have a book
wherein I might behold all spells and incantations, that I
might raise up spirits when I please.

Here they are in this book.
     [Turns to them.]

Now would I have a book where I might see all characters
and planets of the heavens, that I might know their motions and

Here they are too.
     [Turns to them.]

Nay, let me have one book more, — and then I have done, —
wherein I might see all plants, herbs, and trees, that grow upon
the earth.

Here they be.

O, thou art deceived.

Tut, I warrant thee.
     [Turns to them.]

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