Study Help Essay Questions


1. Is Faustus' damnation tragic or an act of justice? Discuss in detail.

2. Compare the master-servant relationship in the drama.

3. What is the function of the Good Angel and the Evil Angel in the drama?

4. How are the Good Angel and the Evil Angel related to earlier morality plays? What else in the drama is a holdover from the morality plays?

5. How are the comic interludes related to the main plot?

6. What is the role of the old man who appears toward the end of the play?

7. How does Faustus' use of his magical powers correlate with his earlier desires and plans?

8. Write a description of hell as it is variously described and presented in this drama.

9. Comment on the weaknesses found in the structure of the drama.

10. How does Greek classical imagery function in the drama?

11. After the original contract with Lucifer, is there a possibility for Dr. Faustus to repent?

12. How is the image of the "fall" used throughout the drama?

13. Explain the satire against the Roman Catholic church and describe its purpose.

14. How does Marlowe use the classical concept of the chorus during the play?

15. How does Faustus' relationship with Helen of Troy epitomize the activities of the twenty-four years?

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