Summary and Analysis Book 7: Chapter 4



On the third day, Latour emerges from his meditation. Eusabio is beating a drum for a dance given by his nephews. Latour tells Eusabio that he wants to send a letter to Vaillant. He will send Jacinto if someone from Eusabio's village consents to accompany the Bishop to Santa Fe. Eusabio says he will go.

Latour enjoys the trip with Eusabio. The Indian is accepting of whatever befalls him. He is adept at making himself invisible in nature, as opposed to the white man who puts forth effort to make his presence felt wherever he journeys. The Indians enjoy their traditional ways.


Book Seven concludes with a brief chapter about Latour traveling with Eusabio back to Santa Fe. Latour has made a friend in the Indian, who increases the Bishop's respect for Indian customs, traditions, and way of life.