Character Analysis Philomene, Magdalena, and Inez Olivares


Philomene, Magdalena, and Inez Olivares are three women who dedicate their lives to the Church. Philomene is Vaillant's sister; she becomes Mother Superior of her convent in France. She and her sisters in the Convent make ornate vestments for Vaillant. Magdalena is a beautiful woman who dedicates her life to the Church after her marriage to a brutish murderer ends with his execution. She watched as her husband murdered four travelers and her three newborn children, and she musters enough courage to warn Latour and Vaillant that they are in mortal danger. Inez Olivares has the monetary benefits of her father's vast wealth, but she is introverted and shy due to her lack of physical attractiveness. Instead of seeking a husband, she spends most of her time in church. She finally moves to New Orleans, where she works in a convent and dedicates her musical talents to the church choir.