Study Help Essay Questions


1. Why does James shift his setting from Switzerland to Italy?

2. What is the purpose of having a narrator who comes from America but has lived so long in Europe?

3. In addition to functioning as Winterborne's confidante, what other purpose does Mrs. Costello serve?

4. If Daisy's actions in going to the castle with Winterborne were innocent, why does he assume that her actions with Mr. Giovanelli are improper?

5. What is gained by having Daisy die at the end of the story?

6. Does Winterborne learn anything from his associations with Daisy?

7. Why does Mrs. Walker try to save Daisy and then later snub her?

8. What does Mr. Giovanelli expect from his relationship with Daisy?

9. Describe Daisy's system of values.

10. How innocent is Daisy of the fact that she is being improper?

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