Character List

Nora Helmer The central character, who is a "doll" for her husband to dress up, show off, and give direction to. She is childlike, romping easily with her three children.

Torvald Helmer Nora's husband, a bank manager, who was once gravely ill and needed to go to a southern climate to improve his health.

Dr. Rank A family friend of the Helmers; he is gravely ill.

Christine Linde An old family friend of Nora's, Christine is a widow who was once engaged to Nils Krogstad.

Nils Krogstad A lawyer and moneylender who is a former acquaintance of Torvald's and works at his bank; his position is tenuous there, because he ruined his reputation and career by committing forgery. Dr. Rank calls Krogstad "morally diseased."

Anne The children's nurse.

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