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aces first-rate; expert. Here, Holden uses the term sarcastically to Ackley.

affected behaving in an artificial way to impress people.

Annapolis the capital of Maryland and location of the United States Naval Academy.

asthma a generally chronic disorder characterized by wheezing, coughing, difficulty in breathing, and a suffocating feeling, caused by an allergy to inhaled substances, stress, etc.

backasswards similar to the slang term ass-backwards, meaning, done in a way that is particularly contrary to the usual way, confusing, etc.

bellboy a person employed by a hotel, club, etc. to carry luggage and do errands.

Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) notorious American Revolutionary War general, who became a traitor and attempted to surrender West Point to the British.

Beowulf hero of the Old English folk epic of that name, an Anglian poem probably composed during the first half of the 8th century, A.D.

Bloomingdale's a popular, Manhattan-based department store.

boardwalk a walk, often made of wood and elevated, placed along a beach or seafront.

bourgeois of or characteristic of a person whose beliefs, attitudes, and practices are conventionally middle-class.

bridge any of various card games, for two pairs of players, that developed from whist.

Broadway street running north and south through New York City, known as the center of the city's main theater and entertainment section.

Brown Betty a baked apple pudding made with butter, spices, sugar, and bread crumbs.

bunk talk that is empty, insincere, or merely for effect.

caddy a person who attends a golfer, carrying the clubs, finding the balls, etc.

can a toilet; here, the large room in the dorm that houses the toilets and sinks.

Canasta a card game, a variation of rummy, usually for two or four players, using a double deck of cards and four jokers.

carrousel a merry-go-round with various wooden or metal animals, especially ponies, serving as seats that go up and down.

Central Park popular, expansive public park in Manhattan, New York City.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870) English novelist.

chiffonier a narrow, high bureau or chest of drawers, often with a mirror.

chisel to take advantage of by cheating.

cliques small, exclusive circles of people; snobbish or narrow circles of friends who share a common interest or background.

cockeyed tilted to one side; crooked, awry.

cocktail any of various alcoholic drinks made of a distilled liquor mixed with a wine, fruit juice, etc., and usually iced.

David Copperfield the first-person narrator of The Personal History of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, published serially 1849-50 and in book form 1850.

digression a wandering from the main subject in talking or writing.

Doberman pinscher any of a breed of large dog with erect ears, a docked tail, and a short, smooth, usually dark coat with tan markings.

double-decker bus a bus with an upper deck or floor.

dough money.

earlap earflap; either of a pair of cloth or fur flaps on a cap, turned down to protect the ears from cold.

faggy fatigued; wearied.

falsetto an artificial way of speaking, in which the voice is placed in a register much higher than that of the natural voice.

falsies devices, as pads or breast-shaped forms, worn inside a brassiere to make the breasts look fuller.

fantastic here, existing in the imagination; imaginary; unreal.

flitty here, Holden uses the term to refer to male homosexuals.

Flys Up a baseball or softball playground game in which the fielder who catches a fly ball is allowed to bat next.

foyer an entrance hall of a house or apartment.

fraternity a group of male students joined together by common interests, for fellowship, etc.

from hunger here, unattractive, unfashionable.

furlough a leave of absence granted to military enlisted personnel for a specified period.

galoshes overshoes, especially high, warmly lined overshoes of rubber and fabric.

get wise with her here, to approach her sexually.

Give her the time here, engage in sexual activity with the girl.

Gladstones light hand luggage with two hinged compartments.

glider a porch seat suspended in a frame so that it can glide or swing back and forth.

goose to prod suddenly and playfully in the backside so as to startle.

Grand Central Station a famous, expansive train station in New York City.

Great Dane any of a breed of very large, muscular dog with pointed, erect ears, a square muzzle, and a short, thick, smooth coat.

grippe influenza; the flu.