Cyrano de Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Act IV — Scene 9-10

Act IV. Scene 10

Roxane, Cyrano. Then Le Bret, Carbon de Castel-Jaloux, the cadets, Ragueneau, De Guiche, etc.

ROXANE: Important, how?

CYRANO (in despair. to Roxane): He's gone! 'Tis naught! — Oh, you know how he sees Importance in a trifle!

ROXANE (warmly): Did he doubt Of what I said? — Ah, yes, I saw he doubted!

CYRANO (taking her hand): But are you sure you told him all the truth?

ROXANE: Yes, I would love him were he . . .

(She hesitates.)

CYRANO: Does that word Embarrass you before my face, Roxane?

ROXANE: I . . .

CYRANO (smiling sadly): 'Twill not hurt me! Say it! If he were Ugly! . . .

ROXANE: Yes, ugly! (Musket report outside): Hark! I hear a shot!

CYRANO (ardently): Hideous!

ROXANE: Hideous! yes!

CYRANO: Disfigured.


CYRANO: Grotesque?

ROXANE: He could not be grotesque to me!

CYRANO: You'd love the same? . . .

ROXANE: The same — nay, even more!

CYRANO (losing command over himself — aside): My God! it's true, perchance, love waits me there! (To Roxane): I . . . Roxane . . . listen . . .

LE BRET (entering hurriedly — to Cyrano): Cyrano!

CYRANO (turning round): What?

LE BRET: Hush!

(He whispers something to him.)

CYRANO (letting go Roxane's hand and exclaiming): Ah, God!

ROXANE: What is it?

CYRANO (to himself — stunned): All is over now.

(Renewed reports.)

ROXANE: What is the matter? Hark! another shot!

(She goes up to look outside.)

CYRANO: It is too late, now I can never tell!

ROXANE (trying to rush out): What has chanced?

CYRANO (rushing to stop her): Nothing!

(Some cadets enter, trying to hide something they are carrying, and close round it to prevent Roxane approaching.)

ROXANE: And those men? (Cyrano draws her away): What were you just about to say before . . . ?

CYRANO: What was I saying? Nothing now, I swear! (Solemnly): I swear that Christian's soul, his nature, were . . . (Hastily correcting himself): Nay, that they are, the noblest, greatest . . .

ROXANE: Were? (With a loud scream): Oh!

(She rushes up, pushing every one aside.)

CYRANO: All is over now!

ROXANE (seeing Christian lying on the ground, wrapped in his cloak): O Christian!

LE BRET (to Cyrano): Struck by first shot of the enemy!

(Roxane flings herself down by Christian. Fresh reports of cannon — clash of arms — clamor — beating of drums.)

CARBON (with sword in the air): O come! Your muskets.

(Followed by the cadets, he passes to the other side of the ramparts.)

ROXANE: Christian!

THE VOICE OF CARBON (from the other side): Ho! make haste!

ROXANE: Christian!


ROXANE: Christian!


(Ragueneau rushes up, bringing water in a helmet.)

CHRISTIAN (in a dying voice): Roxane!

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