Cyrano de Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Act IV — Scene 9-10

Act IV. Scene 9

Christian, Cyrano. At back Roxane talking to Carbon and some cadets.

CHRISTIAN (calling toward Cyrano's tent): Cyrano!

CYRANO (reappearing, fully armed): What? Why so pale?

CHRISTIAN: She does not love me!


CHRISTIAN: 'Tis you she loves!


CHRISTIAN: — For she loves me only for my soul!

CYRANO: Truly?

CHRISTIAN: Yes! Thus — you see, that soul is you, . . . Therefore, 'tis you she loves! — And you — love her!


CHRISTIAN: Oh, I know it!

CYRANO: Ay, 'tis true!

CHRISTIAN: You love To madness!

CYRANO: Ay! and worse!

CHRISTIAN: Then tell her so!


CHRISTIAN: And why not?

CYRANO: Look at my face! — be answered!

CHRISTIAN: She'd love me — were I ugly.

CYRANO: Said she so?

CHRISTIAN: Ay! in those words!

CYRANO: I'm glad she told you that! But pooh! — believe it not! I am well pleased She thought to tell you. Take it not for truth. Never grow ugly: — she'd reproach me then!

CHRISTIAN: That I intend discovering!

CYRANO: No! I beg!

CHRISTIAN: Ay! she shall choose between us! — Tell her all!

CYRANO: No! no! I will not have it! Spare me this!

CHRISTIAN: Because my face is haply fair, shall I Destroy your happiness? 'Twere too unjust!

CYRANO: And I, — because by Nature's freak I have The gift to say — all that perchance you feel. Shall I be fatal to your happiness?

CHRISTIAN: Tell all!

CYRANO: It is ill done to tempt me thus!

CHRISTIAN: Too long I've borne about within myself A rival to myself — I'll make an end!

CYRANO: Christian!

CHRISTIAN: Or union, without witness — secret — Clandestine — can be easily dissolved If we survive.

CYRANO: My God! — he still persists!

CHRISTIAN: I will be loved myself — or not at all! — I'll go see what they do — there, at the end Of the post: speak to her, and then let her choose One of us two!

CYRANO: It will be you.

CHRISTIAN: Pray God! (He calls): Roxane!

CYRANO: No! no!

ROXANE (coming up quickly): What?

CHRISTIAN: Cyrano has things Important for your ear . . .

(She hastens to Cyrano. Christian goes out.)

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