Cyrano de Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Act III — Scenes 5-7

Act III. Scene 5

Christian, Roxane, the duenna.

ROXANE (coming out of Clomire's house, with a company of friends, whom she leaves. Bows and good-byes): Barthenoide! — Alcandre! — Gremione! —

THE DUENNA (bitterly disappointed): We've missed the speech upon the Tender Passion!

(Goes into Roxane's house.)

ROXANE (still bowing): Urimedonte — adieu! (All bow to Roxane and to each other, and then separate, going up different streets. Roxane suddenly seeing Christian): You! (She goes to him): Evening falls. Let's sit. Speak on. I listen.

CHRISTIAN (sits by her on the bench. A silence): Oh! I love you!

ROXANE (shutting her eyes): Ay, speak to me of love.

CHRISTIAN: I love thee!

ROXANE: That's The theme! But vary it.


ROXANE: Vary it!

CHRISTIAN: I love you so!

ROXANE: Oh! without doubt! — and then? . . .

CHRISTIAN: And then — I should be — oh! — so glad — so glad If you would love me! — Roxane, tell me so!

ROXANE (with a little grimace): I hoped for cream, — you give me gruel! Say How love possesses you?

CHRISTIAN: Oh utterly!

ROXANE: Come, come! . . . unknot those tangled sentiments!

CHRISTIAN: Your throat I'd kiss it!

ROXANE: Christian!

CHRISTIAN: I love thee!

ROXANE (half-rising): Again!

CHRISTIAN (eagerly, detaining her): No, no! I love thee not!

ROXANE (reseating herself): 'Tis well!

CHRISTIAN: But I adore thee!

ROXANE (rising, and going further off): Oh!

CHRISTIAN: I am grown stupid!

ROXANE (dryly): And that displeases me, almost as much As 'twould displease me if you grew ill-favored.

CHRISTIAN: But . . .

ROXANE: Rally your poor eloquence that's flown!


ROXANE: Yes, you love me, that I know. Adieu.

(She goes toward her house.)

CHRISTIAN: Oh, go not yet! I'd tell you —

ROXANE (opening the door): You adore me? I've heard it very oft. No! — Go away!

CHRISTIAN: But I would fain . . .

(She shuts the door in his face.)

CYRANO (who has re-entered unseen): I' faith! It is successful!

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