Cyrano de Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Act III — Scenes 2-3


Act III. Scene 3

Roxane, The duenna, Cyrano.

ROXANE: We are going to Clomire's house. (She points to the door opposite): Alcandre and Lysimon are to discourse!

THE DUENNA (putting her little finger in her ear): Yes! But my little finger tells me we shall miss them.

CYRANO: 'Twere a pity to miss such apes!

(They have come to Clomire's door.)

THE DUENNA: Oh, see! The knocker is muffled up! (Speaking to the knocker): So they have gagged that metal tongue of yours, little noisy one, lest it should disturb the fine orators!

(She lifts it carefully and knocks with precaution.)

ROXANE (seeing that the door opens): Let us enter! (On the threshold, to Cyrano): If Christian comes, as I feel sure he will, bid him wait for me!

CYRANO (quickly, as she is going in): Listen! (She turns): What mean you to question him on, as is your wont, to-night?


CYRANO (eagerly): Well, say.

ROXANE: But you will be mute?

CYRANO: Mute as a fish.

ROXANE: I shall not question him at all, but say: Give rein to your fancy! Prepare not your speeches, — but speak the thoughts as they come! Speak to me of love, and speak splendidly!

CYRANO (smiling): Very good!

ROXANE: But secret! . . .

CYRANO: Secret.

ROXANE: Not a word!

(She enters and shuts the door.)

CYRANO (when the door is shut, bowing to her): A thousand thanks!

(The door opens again, and Roxane puts her head out.)

ROXANE: Lest he prepare himself!

CYRANO: The devil! — no, no!


(The door shuts.)

CYRANO (calling): Christian!

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As Cyrano writes a love letter to Roxane, he does not sign it because