Cyrano de Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Act III — Scenes 11-12

Act III. Scene 12

The same. Roxane, Christian, the friar, Ragueneau, lackeys, the duenna.

DE GUICHE (to Roxane): You? (Recognizing Christian, in amazement): He? (Bowing, with admiration, to Roxane): Cunningly contrived! (To Cyrano): My compliments — Sir Apparatus-maker! Your story would arrest at Peter's gate Saints eager for their Paradise! Note well The details. 'Faith! They'd make a stirring book!

CYRANO (bowing): I shall not fail to follow your advice.

THE FRIAR (showing with satisfaction the two lovers to De Guiche): A handsome couple, son, made one by you!

DE GUICHE (with a freezing look): Ay! (To Roxane): Bid your bridegroom, Madame, fond farewell.

ROXANE: Why so?

DE GUICHE (to Christian): Even now the regiment departs. Join it!

ROXANE: It goes to battle?

DE GUICHE: Without doubt.

ROXANE: But the Cadets go not?

DE GUICHE: Oh ay! they go. (Drawing out the paper he had put in his pocket): Here is the order. (To Christian): Baron, bear it, quick!

ROXANE (throwing herself in Christian's arms): Christian!

DE GUICHE (sneeringly to Cyrano): The wedding-night is far, methinks!

CYRANO (aside): He thinks to give me pain of death by this!

CHRISTIAN (to Roxane): Oh! once again! Your lips!

CYRANO: Come, come, enough!

CHRISTIAN (still kissing Roxane): — 'Tis hard to leave her, you know not . . .

CYRANO (trying to draw him away): I know.

(Sound of drums beating a march in the distance.)

DE GUICHE: The regiment starts!

ROXANE (To Cyrano, holding back Christian, whom Cyrano is drawing away): Oh! — I trust him you! Promise me that no risks shall put his life In danger!

CYRANO: I will try my best, but promise . . . That I cannot!

ROXANE: But swear he shall be prudent?

CYRANO: Again, I'll do my best, but . . .

ROXANE: In the siege Let him not suffer!

CYRANO: All that man can do, I . . .

ROXANE: That he shall be faithful!

CYRANO: Doubtless, but . . .

ROXANE: That he will write oft?

CYRANO (pausing): That, I promise you!


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