Cyrano de Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Act III — Scene 4

Act III. Scene 4

Cyrano, Christian.

CYRANO: I know all that is needful. Here's occasion For you to deck yourself with glory. Come, Lose no time; put away those sulky looks, Come to your house with me, I'll teach you . . .



CHRISTIAN: I will wait for Roxane here.

CYRANO: How? Crazy? Come quick with me and learn . . .

CHRISTIAN: No, no! I say. I am aweary of these borrowed letters, — Borrowed love-makings! Thus to act a part, And tremble all the time! — 'Twas well enough At the beginning! — Now I know she loves! I fear no longer! — I will speak myself.

CYRANO: Mercy!

CHRISTIAN: And how know you I cannot speak? — I am not such a fool when all is said! I've by your lessons profited. You'll see I shall know how to speak alone! The devil! I know at least to clasp her in my arms! (Seeing Roxane come out from Clomire's house): — It is she! Cyrano, no! — Leave me not!

CYRANO (bowing): Speak for yourself, my friend, and take your chance.

(He disappears behind the garden wall.)

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As Cyrano writes a love letter to Roxane, he does not sign it because