Cyrano de Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Act II — Scenes 7-8

Act II. Scene 7

Cyrano, Ragueneau, poets, Carbon de Castel-Jaloux, the cadets, a crowd, then De Guiche.

RAGUENEAU: Can we come in?

CYRANO (without stirring): Yes . . .

(Ragueneau signs to his friends, and they come in. At the same time, by door at back, enters Carbon de Castel-Jaloux, in Captain's uniform. He makes gestures of surprise on seeing Cyrano.)

CARBON: Here he is!

CYRANO (raising his head): Captain! . . .

CARBON (delightedly): Our hero! We heard all! Thirty or more Of my cadets are there! . . .

CYRANO (shrinking back): But . . .

CARBON (trying to draw him away): Come with me! They will not rest until they see you!


CARBON: They're drinking opposite, at The Bear's Head.

CYRANO: I . . .

CARBON (going to the door and calling across the street in a voice of thunder): He won't come! The hero's in the sulks!

A VOICE (outside): Ah! Sandious!

(Tumult outside. Noise of boots and swords is heard approaching.)

CARBON (rubbing his hands): They are running 'cross the street!

CADETS (entering): Mille dious! Capdedious! Pocapdedious!

RAGUENEAU (drawing back startled): Gentlemen, are you all from Gascony?


A CADET (to Cyrano): Bravo!

CYRANO: Baron!

ANOTHER (shaking his hands): Vivat!

CYRANO: Baron!

THIRD CADET: Come! I must embrace you!

CYRANO: Baron!

SEVERAL GASCONS: We'll embrace Him, all in turn!

CYRANO (not knowing whom to reply to): Baron! . . . Baron! . . . I beg . . .

RAGUENEAU: Are you all Barons, Sirs?

THE CADETS: Ay, every one!

RAGUENEAU: Is it true? . . .

FIRST CADET: Ay — why, you could build a tower With nothing but our coronets, my friend!

LE BRET (entering, and running up to Cyrano): They're looking for you! Here's a crazy mob Led by the men who followed you last night . . .

CYRANO (alarmed): What! Have you told them where to find me?

LE BRET (rubbing his hands): Yes!

A BURGHER (entering, followed by a group of men): Sir, all the Marais is a-coming here!

(Outside the street has filled with people. Chaises a porteurs and carriages have drawn up.)

LE BRET (in a low voice, smiling, to Cyrano): And Roxane?

CYRANO (quickly): Hush!

THE CROWD (calling outside): Cyrano! . . .

(A crowd rush into the shop, pushing one another. Acclamations.)

RAGUENEAU (standing on a table): Lo! my shop Invaded! They break all! Magnificent!

PEOPLE (crowding round Cyrano): My friend! . . . my friend . . .

Cyrano: Meseems that yesterday I had not all these friends!

LE BRET (delighted): Success!

A YOUNG MARQUIS (hurrying up with his hands held out): My friend, Didst thou but know . . .

CYRANO: Thou! . . . Marry! . . . thou! . . . Pray when Did we herd swine together, you and I!

ANOTHER: I would present you, Sir, to some fair dames Who in my carriage yonder . . .

CYRANO (coldly): Ah! and who Will first present you, Sir, to me?

LE BRET (astonished): What's wrong?


A MAN OF LETTERS (with writing-board): A few details? . . .


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