Study Help Essay Questions


1. Cry, the Beloved Country has been described as a novel of social protest. What is meant by this phrase and what is Paton's protest?

2. Discuss Paton's use of Biblical language. How would you link this with the theme of the novel?

3. Are the points of view of black and white South Africans equally presented? Give examples.

4. Analyze the characters of Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis in relation to theme and plot.

5. What significance do you attach to the names of characters in the novel?

6. Cry, the Beloved Country suggests that there are frightened people in South Africa. Describe two specific situations in the novel.

7. Describe Absalom's character and discuss the idea that society is to blame for the murder Absalom committed.

8. The personal stories of Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis are interwoven with the story of the land and its people. Analyze, referring to specific scenes.

9. Cry, the Beloved Country is meant to inform as well as entertain. Discuss this statement and give examples.

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