Character List


Stephen Kumalo A native priest who attempts to reconstruct the disintegrating tribe and his own family.

Absalom Kumalo Stephen's son who left home for the large city and who commits a murder.

Gertrude Kumalo The young sister of Stephen who becomes a prostitute in the large city and leads a dissolute life.

Msimangu A parish priest in the city who unselfishly helps Stephen find his sister and son.

Father Vincent The priest from England who helps Stephen in his troubles.

John Kumalo Stephen's brother who denies the tribal validity and who becomes a spokesman for the new movement in the city.

Mrs. Lithebe The native landlady with whom Stephen stays while in Johannesburg.

James Jarvis A wealthy landowner whose son is murdered by Absalom and who comes to the realization of the guilt of the whites in such crimes.

Arthur Jarvis James Jarvis' son, who does not appear in the novel but whose racial views are highly significant and influential.

The Harrisons The father and the son represent two opposing views concerning the racial problem. The father represents the traditional view and the son the more liberal view.

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