Character List and Analysis Peeta Mellark


Peeta was the boy tribute who represented District 12 in the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games alongside Katniss. He is the son of a baker, and is known for his charisma and remarkable speaking ability. He confessed his love for Katniss on live television before the Games started. Katniss wasn't sure whether his kindness was genuine or just strategy, but now knows that Peeta truly loves her. He and Katniss took care of each other in the arena, and before it was announced they were both victors, he was willing to let her kill him at the end of the Games so that she may live.

Peeta is one of the most important people in Katniss' life. Though Katniss admits that her feelings for him are complicated by circumstances beyond their control and her friendship with Gale, she continuously leans on him for support. Peeta is her calmness and comfort when she has nightmares. His willingness to die for her in the arena so that she may live demonstrates his love, selflessness, and innate goodness. Gale tells her it would be easier to hate Peeta if he wasn't such a nice person. Katniss is determined to die for Peeta because she owes him that and she hopes that his pain at her death will fuel his ability to speak and be enough to fuel an entire rebellion.

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