Character List and Analysis Minor Characters



Katniss' stylist. His friendship is a great comfort to Katniss. When she struggles to muster up the will to continue to fight, Katniss tells herself that Cinna's death cannot be in vain.

Finnick Odair

Finnick is the Quell's victor tribute from District 4. His athletic build, attractive physique, and sensuous presence have made him a favorite across Panem. He has many admirers in the Capitol, though the only woman he truly loves is Annie. At first, Katniss finds Finnick one-dimensional with questionable motives. However, she soon learns to see him as a valuable ally.

Johanna Mason

The Quell's female victor tribute from District 7. She is a young woman with spiky hair and an impressive ability to kill. Katniss and she almost never get along, but Katniss admires her for her courage.

Plutarch Heavensbee

The Quell's Head Gamemaker. During a dance with Katniss on the Victory Tour, he shows her his watch with a mockingjay engraved on it. Katniss distrusts him immensely because of his position.


The Quell's male victor tribute from District 3. Johanna nicknames him "Volts" because of his expertise with wiring and electricity. He is a kind man who is great friends with Wiress.


The Quell's female victor tribute from District 3. Despite Johanna's nicknaming her "Nuts," Katniss wants her as an ally. Wiress helped Katniss figure out that the arena in the Quell was a clock, and she is compared to a canary by Beetee and Katniss.


Mags served as Finnick's mentor in his Games and is also the Quell's female victor tribute from District 4. She is an elderly woman who needs a cane to walk. During the reaping for the Quell, she volunteers to take the place of the much younger female tribute whose name is drawn.

Caesar Flickerman

Caesar is the interviewer of all of the tributes for the Hunger Games. Katniss appreciates his determination to make each tribute look his or her best in front of the crowds during the interviews.

Katniss and Prim's mother

Serves as the healer in District 12. When her husband was killed in a mining explosion years ago, she went into a crippling depression during which her relationship with Katniss suffered severely. However, Katniss has learned to forgive her mother and open up to her again since winning the Games.

Effie Trinket

The escort for District 12 who emphasizes politeness and likes to keep to a schedule. Though she can be annoying and bothersome, Katniss cares for her and values her contribution to the team.

Venia, Flavius, and Octavia

Katniss' prep team. Katniss has always thought them to be extremely superficial, shallow, and self-centered, but when they say goodbye to her before the Quell, she realizes just how much they've truly cared about her.


Peeta's stylist.


The daughter of District 12's mayor and a good friend of Katniss. When Gale is whipped, Madge brings her mother's pain medication to the Everdeens so he can heal.

Hazelle Hawthorne

Gale's kind, hard-working, and loving mother. Katniss says that hardly anyone knows her better than Hazelle does.

Romulus Thread

The new Head Peacekeeper in District 12 who mercilessly punishes people for breaking the law. He whips Gale for killing a wild turkey.

Bonnie and Twill

Two women on the run from District 8 whom Katniss meets in the woods outside District 12. They're the first to tell her about District 13.


A young, red-headed Peacekeeper in District 12 whom Katniss likes to joke around with. When Thread is whipping Gale, Darius tries to stop it. Later, he disappears from District 12 and is turned into an Avox in Katniss and Peeta's apartment in the Capitol.

Seneca Crane

The Head Gamemaker for Katniss and Peeta's Hunger Games. Katniss learns that he was killed after her and Peeta's Games when he allowed her to live instead of killing her.

Greasy Sae

An old woman from the Hob who sells soup.


The Quell's male victor tribute from District 2. Katniss remarks that it seems that he can't wait to get back into the arena.


The Quell's female victor tribute from District 2 who ripped open another tribute's throat with her teeth in her Games years ago.


The Quell's male victor tribute from District 11 who lost his hand years ago in his own Games. Katniss recognizes him to be good friends with Haymitch.


The Quell's female victor tribute from District 11. Seeder hugs Katniss and tells her Rue's and Thresh's families are still alive.


The 12-year-old girl District 11 tribute from Katniss and Peeta's Games. She reminds Katniss of Prim, and she became a good friend to Katniss as a result of their alliance. When Rue was killed by another tribute, Katniss sang a song to her and placed flowers in her hair before her body was removed from the arena.


The boy tribute from District 11 in Katniss and Peeta's Games. He kept to himself during the competition but spared Katniss' life when he learned she had had an alliance with Rue. During the Games, Katniss and Peeta discussed how much they would have liked to be his friend had the circumstances allowed it.


A young woman from District 4 who won the Games because she could swim better than any of her competitors. She went crazy after her Games when she saw her district partner beheaded, but is the only woman Finnick truly loves.


District 12's Head Peacekeeper before Thread.

Rory, Vick, and Posy Hawthorne

Gale's younger brothers.

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