Study Help Essay Questions


1. Discuss the theme of justice as it applies to Clevinger and Chaplain Tappman.

2. Consider the characters of Aarfy, Doc Daneeka, and Chaplain Tappman. Which are static characters, and which ones grow or change throughout the novel?

3. Satire is sometimes thought of as being either comic or tragic. In that context, discuss Heller's use of satire in Catch-22. Is it comic or tragic or a combination of the two? Cite specifics.

4. What does the hospital represent to Yossarian? How does Heller use hospital scenes to advance plot?

5. Discuss the characters of Colonel Cathcart, Colonel Korn, and General Dreedle. What are their leadership qualities, methods, and attitudes toward the men?

6. How does the theme of individual integrity work in the novel? In your response, consider Yossarian, Chaplain Tappman, and Milo Minderbinder.

7. What do you consider to be the most emotionally effective section or passage in the novel? How does Heller make this section or passage work?

8. Heller is sometimes criticized for his failure to develop female characters. How is that criticism justified or unjustified in the characters of the key women in this novel?

9. Discuss Heller's satire of capitalism in Catch-22.

10. Heller's use of dialogue and distorted logic dominates certain scenes. Choose one and discuss whether it's funny and what it is that the author is satirizing.