Study Help Essay Questions


1. What is the function of the use of the "frame" around the story of Hank Morgan?

2. Discuss the two opposing views of knighthood that are presented in the novel.

3. What is Hank Morgan's view of the nobility, of the Catholic Church, and of aristocratic preferment?

4. How does Hank Morgan use his technological knowledge to gain power?

5. How well does power set with Hank? That is, does he use his power for the betterment of the people or for the glory of Hank Morgan?

6. What features of Camelot does Hank Morgan find attractive? Why does he try to change these aspects?

7. What is Hank Morgan's views on superstition? Does he ever use superstition for his own advantage? Explain.

8. How does Hank's nineteenth-century prudery affect his views about Camelot?

9. Which aspect of the novel do you consider more important — the social criticism, or the science fiction fantasy?

10. Discuss Hank Morgan's total failure to modernize Camelot in terms of his inventions, his attention to human needs, and his own prejudices.