Character List


Mark Twain Samuel Langhorne Clemens, the author of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court; he is the tourist to whom Hank Morgan tells part of his story and to whom Morgan gives the manuscript that chronicles his adventures in sixth-century England.

Hank Morgan The Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court. Using his nineteenth-century knowhow, he becomes known as a "magician" in sixth-century England; he tries to bring about many changes in the way of life in that century. Throughout most of the book, he is referred to as The Boss.

Sir Kay the Seneschal The knight who captures Morgan when he first appears in the sixth century.

Clarence A page whom Morgan meets when he first arrives in Camelot; he becomes Morgan's first recruit and his second-in-command in Morgan's attempts to change Arthurian England.

Arthur King of Britain, the ruler in Camelot, and The Boss's companion during an incognito visit among the lower classes of England.

Merlin Supposedly the mightiest magician of the times, he is bested several times by The Boss; it is he who puts The Boss under a spell that causes him to sleep from the sixth century to the nineteenth century.

Guenever Queen of England; she is Arthur's wife, although she is much more romantically interested in Sir Launcelot.

Sir Launcelot He is the most prominent knight of the Round Table, and he is the main cause, along with Guenever, of the Interdict that overtakes England late in the novel.

Sir Sagramor le Desirous Another knight of the Round Table; he challenges The Boss because of a supposed slight; he is finally shot by The Boss.

Sandy She is more formally known as the Demoiselle Alisande la Carteloise; she comes to Camelot with a tale about her mistress being held captive by three ogres. King Arthur decides that The Boss will accompany her to set this matter right. Morgan later comes to admire her a great deal and, eventually, he marries her.

Morgan le Fay Arthur's sister and King Urien's wife; she is the real ruler of their small kingdom, but she is deferential to The Boss, since his reputation as a magician preceded him to her castle.

Marco He is a charcoal burner; the king and The Boss stay with him and his wife on their incognito tour of the realm; after a while, Marco and his wife become alarmed by the behavior of the king and The Boss, and they go after help against these two strangers.

Dowley The blacksmith in the village near where the Marcos live; he is a primary target of The Boss's attempts to bring the villagers' thinking about economic matters into line with his.

Grip, an Earl An important man in the neighborhood where the Marcos live; he and his men rescue the king and the Boss from the villagers, but they sell them into slavery the next day.

Hello-Central The daughter of The Boss and Sandy; she is given her unusual name when Sandy hears The Boss repeat it frequently in his sleep; she believes that it is the name of one of Morgan's old girlfriends.

Sir Mordred A nephew of King Arthur. He is the primary cause of the Interdict that wipes out the progress which The Boss has brought to England because he uses the fighting between the king's party and Launcelot's party in the battle over the queen to try and take power himself.

Sir Meliagraunce A knight wounded in Morgan's last battle; he stabs Morgan, and this allows Merlin to put a spell on Morgan that causes him to sleep thirteen hundred years.