Chronological Chart Day before the Murder



  • Leaves the monastery. Visits his father, goes to see Katerina, meets the boys, and is bitten by Ilusha.
  • Goes to Katerina's house and talks with Madame Hohlakov and Lise. Upstairs, he tries to unite Ivan and Katerina.
  • Is sent by Katerina to Captain Snegiryov's house with money; learns Ilusha's identity.
  • Returns to Madame Hohlakov's house; finds Katerina in hysterics. Leaves to find Dmitri.
  • Hears from Smerdyakov that Ivan is in a restaurant waiting for Dmitri.
  • Goes to the restaurant, discusses the idea of suffering with Ivan, and hears Ivan recite the poem "The Grand Inquisitor."
  • Returns to the monastery and listens all night to Father Zossima's last words.


  • Goes to Madame Hohlakov's house to talk with Katerina.
  • Explains his position and love for Katerina in Alyosha's presence. Leaves to look for Dmitri.
  • Leaves message with Smerdyakov for Dmitri to meet him in the restaurant.
  • Calls to Alyosha to join him in the restaurant. Discusses God, immortality, and the idea of innocent suffering; recites his poem "The Grand Inquisitor" to Alyosha.
  • Returns home but cannot sleep before 2 a.m.


  • Goes to Samsonov's to borrow money. Is sent by Samsonov to see Lyagavy (Gorstkin).
  • Pawns watch and borrows money from landlady.
  • Travels to neighboring town to find Lyagavy.
  • Finds the priest, who tells him that Lyagavy is some miles out in the country.
  • Walks the miles to find Lyagavy.
  • Arrives at the cabin of a forester. Finds Lyagavy drunk.
  • Sleeps at the cabin in the hope of borrowing money from Lyagavy when he wakes and sobers up.