Character List


Dmitri (Mitya) His oldest son, who develops an intense hatred for his father and who is convicted of murdering him.

Ivan The second son, who develops into the extreme intellectual and who questions all values of life.

Dmitri (Mitya) His oldest son, who develops an intense hatred for his father and who is convicted of murdering him.

Ivan The second son, who develops into the extreme intellectual and who questions all values of life.

Alyosha (Alexey) The youngest son, who is deeply religious and who functions as the central figure in the novel.

Smerdyakov (Pavel Fyodorovitch Smerdyakov) Old Karamazov's illegitimate son, whose last name was assigned to him by Fyodor and whose first names were merely adopted. He grows up in the Karamazov house as a servant.

Adelaida Karamazov's first wife and the mother of Dmitri.

Sofya Karamazov's second wife and the mother of Ivan and Alyosha.

Other Characters

Andrey The driver who takes Dmitri to his meeting with Grushenka in Mokroe.

Trifon Borissovitch The innkeeper at Mokroe who testifies that Dmitri spent all of the 3,000 rubles during his orgy.

Fenya Grushenka's maid, who lies to Dmitri about Grushenka's whereabouts.

Father Ferapont The acetic and deranged monk who is a bitter opponent to Father Zossima.

Fetyukovitch The brilliant defense attorney brought in from Moscow to defend Dmitri.

Gorstkin (Also Known As Lyagavy) The merchant who is interested in buying some property belonging to Karamazov.

Grigory Vassilyevitch The old Karamazov servant who takes care of the children and who adopts Smerdyakov.

Grushenka (Agrafena Alexandrovna) The lady of so-called loose morals who attracts the attentions and consequent jealousies of Dmitri and Fyodor.

Herzenstube The old town doctor who gives favorable testimony in Dmitri's behalf

Madame Hohlakov The wealthy widow at whose house many of the novel's scenes take place.

Lise Madame Hohlakov's young daughter, who becomes engaged to Alyosha and then capriciously breaks the engagement.

Ilusha The young boy whose illness brings all of his friends together with Alyosha.

Father Losif (Joseph) The librarian at the monastery.

Kalganov (Pyotr Fomitch Kalganov) A casual friend who is present at Dmitri's party in Mokroe.

Katerina (Katya) Ivanovna Dmitri's fiancee, whom he deserts upon falling in love with Grushenka.

Ippolit Kirillovitch The public prosecutor who conducts the trial against Dmitri.

Kolya (Nikolay Ivanovitch Krassotkin) The young boy who influences the other boys and becomes Alyosha's disciple.

Madame Krassotkin (Anna Fyodorovna) Kolya's doting and widowed mother.

Lizaveta Smerdyastchaya The town's deformed idiot, who is seduced by Karamazov and then gives birth to Smerdyakov.

Lyagavy See Gorstkin.

Makarov (Mihail Makarovitch Makarov) The district police inspector who questions Dmitri about the murder.

Marfa Ignatyevna Grigory's wife and another of the Karamazov servants.

Marya Kondratyevna The daughter of Dmitri's landlady who is in love with Smerdyakov.

Maximov An old, destitute landowner who lives off the generosity of others, especially Grushenka, in the closing chapters of the novel.

Miusov (Pyotr Alexandrovitch Miusov) A cousin of Karamazov's first wife, who was instrumental in having Dmitri taken away from Fyodor.

Mussyalovitch Grushenka's ex-lover, whose return precipitated Dmitri's strange behavior on the night of the murder.

Father Paissy The learned theologian and devoted friend of Father Zossima who tries to console Alyosha.

Pyotr Ilyitch Perhotin The young civil servant from whom Dmitri borrows money on the night of the murder.

Mihail Ospovitch Rakitin A young seminarian who professes to have very liberal and advanced ideas and who betrays his friendship with Alyosha.

Sanmonov (Kuzma Samsonov) A wealthy landowner who befriends Grushenka.

Captain Snegiryov Ilusha's father, who is destitute and broken by misfortunes. He is attacked by Dmitri one night because he earned money from Fyodor.

Varvinsky A district doctor who testifies as to Dmitri's mental condition.

Vrublevsky Mussyalovitch's companion on the night of the orgy in Mokroe.

Father Zossima The revered elder at the monastery and the spiritual guardian for Alyosha, whose teachings become central to all the ideas in the novel.