Summary and Analysis Part 8: The Word Shaker: The Anarchist's Suit Collection



Liesel, Rosa, and Trudy spend Christmas Eve with the Steiners since both fathers are gone. Liesel tells Rudy that she has a special gift for him and tells him to get the key to his father's shop. They enter, and she finds a suit for him. He puts it on. It's dark inside so they both bump into things and trip over objects. Rudy falls and Liesel crouches above him. She thinks about kissing him, but doesn't. He says he misses his father, and Liesel wishes him a merry Christmas.


In this chapter, Liesel thinks about kissing Rudy instead of Rudy chasing after her. But his mind is on his father and how much he misses him. Liesel's feelings for Rudy are changing, growing stronger, in her thoughts of kissing him. But Death has already said that she won't, not while Rudy's alive.