Summary and Analysis Part 3: Mein Kampf: The Way Home



Liesel removes the book from beneath her shirt before she and Hans reach home; it's burning her too much. Hans asks what she has and she shows him. She's afraid he'll tell Rosa. He says that he won't tell and that they can read it together during their lessons. Later, he goes to the Nazi Party office to ask about his application. He also buys a copy of Mein Kampf.


This chapter illustrates how Hans Hubermann is also working to avoid suspicion from the Nazi Party — suspicion that he doesn't support them, their anti-Semitic movement, or any of the other policies established and enforced by Hitler. Hans demonstrates this by going in to ask about the status of his application to the Party, maintaining the facade that he does, in fact, desire to join, and is simply waiting on the Party's decision. By purchasing Mein Kampf, a book written by Adolf Hitler proclaiming his ideas about the need to restore the German Motherland, Hans also works to deflect suspicion. Death also alludes to the cleverness of Hans in making this purchase, foreshadowing how Hans will put this book to good work.