Summary and Analysis Part 3: Mein Kampf: Enter the Struggler


Death takes readers outside of Molching for a moment to observe a Jewish man starving in a dark storage room. He sits on his suitcase and waits. His name is Max. An unnamed man comes to deliver food, an identity card tucked inside a book, a map with directions, and a key, and then he says he will return for Max in three days. Max knows where he is going, to a man named Hans Hubermann


Death reveals to us in this chapter who will be coming to 33 Himmel Street — a Jewish man who is in hiding. Prior to this chapter, Death has only hinted that someone will soon arrive and change everything, but now he reveals what has been a secret for so long. This recalls and reinforces other secrets in the novel, particularly the secret of Liesel's stealing and of Liesel and Hans's hatred for Hitler.

Pop Quiz!

After Liesel steals a book from the bonfire, what does the burning book against Liesel's chest symbolize?

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