Summary and Analysis Epilogue: The Last Color: Max



The war ends and Hitler has given himself to Death. Liesel often helps Alex Steiner in his tailor shop. They go for walks together, often to Dachau after its liberation, but are kept out by the Americans. Then, one day a man with swampy eyes and feathery hair comes to the shop. He asks Alex Steiner if Liesel Meminger is there. Liesel emerges from the back room and hugs Max, both of them crying and falling to the floor.


This chapter serves as a moment of lightness during a very dark time for Liesel. Her reunion with Max is somewhat reminiscent, too, of how she and Rudy once fell to the floor in Alex Steiner's shop, both of them longing for their fathers. Now, Liesel and Max fall to the floor out of joy.