Character Analysis Philomena Guinea


Mrs. Guinea is another adult model for Esther. She is not only a successful writer, but she is wealthy as well. She lives in a large mansion and lives well. At lunch, fingerbowls with little cherry blossoms are served, and Esther, thinking that she has been served "some clear sort of Japanese after-dinner soup," drinks it.

Mrs. Guinea, well-bred as she is, never really says anything to Esther. Mrs. Guinea's first novel was made into a movie with Bette Davis, and a long-running radio serial, based on the novel, is still running. Mrs. Guinea flies back from the Bahamas to help Esther be admitted into a good private hospital after her suicide attempt. Apparently, Mrs. Guinea is willing to pay for Esther's care since Mrs. Greenwood has told her that it is Esther's writing problems that have made her ill. For some reason never explained, Mrs. Guinea would not have anything to do with Esther's case if it involved a boy. Mrs. Guinea keeps telling the doctors that she is not satisfied with their treatment of Esther.