Character Analysis Ultima


Ultima's character is the most complex, and although the deuteragonist, or the character second in importance, she can be seen as the heroine of the story. Ultima is a person of action, the one who performs the healings and provides guidance to others. She is the one who nurtures Antonio's spiritual awakening.

Ultima is a strong, confident woman who uses her knowledge and power to do good in the world. Her character combines elements of indigenous and European cultures (that is, paganism and Catholicism) into a coherent unity that provides an alternative to the Church and to the rational, scientific knowledge of the Anglo Americans. Ultima can be seen as the scapegoat of a cosmic struggle between good and evil.

Ultima is described in detail by Anaya. She is very old and wrinkled. She has a brown face, black hair, withered hands, and brown teeth. She has clear, brown, laughing eyes that sparkle like those of a child. She has the sweet fragrance of herbs about her, dresses in black, with a shawl about her shoulders. She keeps her possessions in a large blue tin trunk.

Ultima's owl is a good owl, in contrast with the usual alignment in the culture of the owl with the dark side of life. Unlike other owls, hers hoots softly.

Ultima is a practical and helpful person. She has been a midwife, she is a healer, and she helps María with daily chores around the house.

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