Study Help Essay Questions

1. Explain the problems posed by Neihardt's transcription and editing of Black Elk's narrative.

2. Discuss Black Elk's spirituality as it compares to a religion you are familiar with.

3. Explore the relationship between adults and children in the Sioux society depicted in Black Elk Speaks.

4. Discuss the relationship between men and women in the Sioux society depicted in Black Elk Speaks.

5. Trace the history of the U.S. Government's dealings with the Sioux as depicted in Black Elk Speaks.

Pop Quiz!

During the fishing lesson, how does Watanye react when Black Elk falls into the water?


In The Awakening, there's a term prunella gaiter." I'm guessing that gaiters are a type of covering for your legs, like the gaiters I use on my ski boots to keep snow out. But what the heck is prunella? Is it a purplish color like prunes?"

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