Study Help Essay Questions


1. What earlier scene in the novel helps explain Newman's refusal to use his letter for revenge against the Bellegardes?

2. What does Newman learn from Mademoiselle Noémie and M. Nioche?

3. In what ways is the aristocratic Valentin similar to Newman? In what ways different?

4. If the Bellegardes had conceded to Newman's demands, would Madame de Cintré have married him?

5. What is Mrs. Tristram's relation to Newman?

6. Is Mrs. Bread essential to the novel? For example, could Newman have come by the letter in some other way?

7. Why is Madame de Cintré determined not to marry again until she accepts Newman?

8. How do Tom Tristram and the Reverend Mr. Babcock function in the novel?

9. Who is the strongest aristocrat, Madame de Bellegarde or her son Urbain?

10. Is Lord Deepmere essentially with or without integrity? Explain.

11. Why must Claire de Cintré obey her mother? Why is she afraid of her mother?

12. Did Newman have an obligation to Valentin to carry out the revenge?